Welcome to The Prepared Homestead

Welcome to The Prepared Homestead! This site has been a dream of mine to build for some time and with the help of others, it is finally becoming a reality! Many of you may know me from my YouTube channel, Set Apart Homestead , so for those of you that already know me I want to say thank you and welcome! For years now I have seen a need on the internet for a place where homesteading preppers could congregate. A place where we like minded few could learn and share our knowledge and passions. We are a different breed, we love the independent and self-sufficient lifestyle of homesteading and see the need to keep our families prepared for whatever this life may throw at us. Each of us may have come to this life for different reasons and may be following our own unique paths but we all share the similar desires to be more prepared and self-sufficient. I hope that this site can be a great resource for you, the prepared homesteaders.

Along with articles from myself and other knowledgeable authors this site will also include a stand alone forum so that you can communicate and connect with others, free downloadable materials for your preps, homestead and other educational needs and product reviews. I will also be producing a regular newsletter filled with exclusive articles, videos, news and special offers to subscribers. We hope to continually grow this site to fulfill your needs as a prepared homesteader.

One thought on “Welcome to The Prepared Homestead”

  1. Everyone needs to do something now….. take an inventory of your supplies…. yup ….. take an inventory …… (communication equipment is usually a weak spot, investigate some ham radio equipment and also walkie-talkie….. everything should be 12v ……. also portable battery powered reciprocating saw is invaluable)

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