by Rivkah Maddox

When considering what to place on this list, I was reminded of the 20 years of parenting and the many wounds and ailments we have faced as a family. It turns out, I utilize some tools more than others and this piece is dedicated to my trusty few essential oils for which I most often reach. I am an herb kind of girl and prefer teas and tinctures… MOST of the time. Sometimes, though, oils are what I need.

These are the oils I just would not be happy without! Please consult your physician before deciding whether or not using the recommended essential oils is a good choice for you/your family. It is important to note that a carrier oil must be used when applying oils and it is advisable to research whether an oil is safe for
pregnant/nursing mothers and/or children when deciding. Here is a top five list of essential oils and why I keep them on hand.

Frankincense: This oil is my favorite for so many things and would be in my top three if I were doing a top three list. Frankincense has been shown in studies to be antimicrobialanti-inflammatoryantibacterial,antiviralantifungal, it is an expectorant, immune-boosting, it helps with scars and a number of other skin conditions including moles and warts, it has an antiproliferative effect on tumors and inhibits tumor cell growth, and it helps with anxiety and stress disorders. This oil is safe, has so many uses, and it isn’t too expensive to have around. One other thing I’d mention is that herbal use (boswelia) helped me when treating my son’s asthma.

Lavender: This is perhaps the only essential oil I would keep on hand if I could only pick one. It is said to be the most versatile of all oils, is gentle enough for use on children, has many uses, and is affordable. This oil is also antifungal, has antibiotic properties, is antiseptic, is a disinfectant, is antiviral, and also has anti-inflammatory properties. We have successfully treated (in our family) athletes’ foot (with tea tree), thrush, bee stings, bug bites, cuts, bruises, rashes, and it is the best remedy that I have personally used on burns. Additionally, I have used it as a room/pillow spray which smells pleasant and winds children down, I have used it to treat skin irritation, I have used it to treat dandruff, and also to relieve some feelings of anxiety. This herb is truly remarkable and there really is almost no end to what it can be used for… Did I mention that it’s m favorite?! Check out a list of what properties it has and its known benefits

Oregano: I have successfully used both a tincture of oregano (oil of oregano) and oregano oil to help with symptoms of the flu, strep, colds, and other viral issues.
This oil is a hot oil, which means that it is both spicy to taste and will burn
membranes when exposed… Be careful never to get in your eyes! I use it topically on feet, the spine, the back of the neck, the chest, and very sparingly I have used it internally. I have also successfully treated my home for airborne pathogens associated with contagious illnesses aromatically by using a diffuser. This is a “big gun” and could be used in an emergency situation in place of antibiotics and to fight viruses, as it is known to be one of the strongest naturally occurring antibiotics and has some strong anti-viral compounds.  I keep this in my emergency bug-out stash with capsules… just in case! One more thing that is pretty remarkable about oregano is that it is a powerful antioxidant. It doesn’t taste great and it doesn’t even smell great… But it is a GREAT asset to have and use when the need arises.

Tea Tree: I keep this oil to clean with, as it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal. It is important to note that this oil CANNOT be ingested and should only be used topically and aromatically. We have successfully used this oil (sometimes with other oils) to help treat open wounds (and it doesn’t sting like alcohol), fungal issues (athletes foot and even toe fungus), and even MRSA which is a stubborn staph infection that is no longer as responsive to allopathic prescriptions as it once was. We use this when we make our own cleaning products, when we make our own hand sanitizer, in treatment of dandruff and other skin conditions (in a salve), and when we have illness in the house (we diffuse). This is a very affordable oil and has great properties, and while it isn’t as versatile as oregano or lavender, it is extremely handy.

Clove: I keep this oil on hand for teeth issues, mostly, but also because it helps with pain (applied with a carrier behind ears for an ear ache or on an injury topically) in general, some digestive issues, it can help with parasites and it can help with symptoms that come from having asthma. My son has asthma and I have successfully used this oil to help him with breathing issues, I have used it on other children for pain or tummy issues, but any time I have gum issues, a tooth ache, a tooth that was pulled, or any other mouth pain (ulcers, for example), this is the oil I reach for. Here is a more comprehensive list  of what this oil does, but in an emergency situation where mouth pain is concerned, this is always the oil for which I reach!

*BONUS * KUMQUAT OIL: One oil that I will be keeping on hand and almost made the list is Kumquat oil. This oil actually has strong antiviral properties and even kills Avian Flu. Not only is it a stellar antiviral, but it smells great and is even potentially beneficial in weight loss efforts. I would definitely use this oil in cleaning products and just to diffuse when wanting to give my home a bright and cheery smell. I can’t recommend more that you keep this one on hand, especially in a prepping home.

That wraps up my personal most frequently used oils! Maybe you have some that you reach for more than others also! I hope to have provided some insight and perhaps maybe inspired you. Thank you for reading and I look forward to any feedback.

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