Christmas Break (aka, Unschooling)

Christmas Break (aka, Unschooling)

Yesterday, we returned to life lived in daily rhythm. Oooh, that sounds so pretty, doesn’t it?  Basically, it means that we re-implemented the structure of school to our weekday life…and it wasn’t as pretty as it sounds.  It was good to get back to normal, though.  We loved our restful break, but I think, we […]

2014 - Enough

2014 – Enough

For the past few years, I have ditched the New Year’s Resolutions in lieu of one word.  One word, which will be my theme for the year.  An idea to focus on and focus my life around. (the idea came from here: The first year my word was intentional.  I made an effort to be […]

From Suburban Texan to Urban Homesteader, Part III

So Tom accepted the job in Seattle, and I think I struggled more to trust the outcome in the weeks that followed than I had when we didn’t know where we were headed.  I guess that was the reality check.  Prior to a job and destination, I could dig in where I was comfortable and […]